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Dear Business Owner,


My name is Tony Draper and I want to welcome you to my website.


The chances are that you have stumbled across my website because you are Business Owner who has realised that you need to improve your business and you are looking for some ideas.


Well let me start by telling you that by landing on my website you have already made a step in the right direction.


As you may have picked up from my website, the overall measurement of a successful business is its PROFIT levels.


If you want to work with me, we will go on a journey together to discover exactly what you need to be doing as a Business Owner to ensure that you are running a profitable business as well as what you shouldn’t be doing.


Just before we do that let me tell you a bit about myself.


You see a long time ago I used to be in the military. I started off as an aircraft engineer and eventually moved into project management. It was by using my engineering mind and the discipline that the military had instilled in me that I was able to look at the world of business in a very logical and process orientated way.


When I left the military I continued along the ladder of project and programme management, however I found that no matter which company I worked with or department I worked in, I had the knack of looking at their operating models and seeing exactly where and how to improve them.


It was because of this talent that I was also asked to act as a consultant as well for them.


Whilst spending the next 10 years helping customers improve the ways they operated, it quickly became apparent to me that everything I did to help them boiled down to one thing… and that is PROFIT.


Every customer that I worked with had their success being measured on some scale of PROFIT.


It may sound strange but even government bodies need to deliver PROFIT, the difference being that theirs isn’t financial profit.


I have had clients spanning a number of industries such as retail, banking, defence, local authorities, aerospace and digital to name a few.


I have been responsible for delivering measurable and successful profit for organisations whilst working with budgets that range from £100,000,000’s to £100,000’s. It is through this that I have realised that it doesn’t make a difference over the amount of money that is in play and that is more about the complexity.


If you are a Business Owner and you think that I can help you with one or all these areas, then please schedule a call with me and we can discuss how we can make those changes in your business TODAY.


I look forward to hearing from you



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